Whatever happened to…

Remy Shand?  I bought his album almost immediately after it hit the shelves back in the first half of 2002.  He had a great sound, he seemed to really know R&B (you’d think the guy grew up in Harlem with Al Green as a dad, not Winnipeg with a bunch of white folks).  The title/opening track on his only album to date (“The Way I Feel”) was good enough to convince me to buy anything else he put out.

Anyway, I checked out his website.  The last entry in the “news” section was in April of 2003.  That’s over 3.5 years with nothing happening in the life of an enormously promising musician?  How does this happen?  Not even a few sentences to say “new album due out in the next 10 years” or “Remy Shand checks into rehab”???  So I blame Motown.  I don’t know if they dropped him or what… so I went to the Universal/Motown site.  He’s not listed as an artist.  They have people on their who are dead (Aaliyah), but not Remy Shand.

I don’t know what to say… If you go on Amazon or search through various blogs, there are tons of people who have just discovered the guy this year.  They are all raving about him.  He’s becoming somewhat popular again it seems.  Yet, nobody seems to know where he is.   You out there, Remy?


60 thoughts on “Whatever happened to…”

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I bought his album and went to one if his concerts in winnipeg in 2003 – he was even better live! And the internets yield nothing about what he’s doing today. Too bad.

  2. Hi folks, I had the pleasure of seeing him on stage in Hamburg. It was in a rather small club called Schlachthof. It was realy awesome, one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. That Guy has realy got talent, a great singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer. I hope that he and his family are by best health.

  3. Ive been trying to remember for at least 3 yrs what the guys name that sang”the way i feel” was…. i bought it when it first came out & was obsessed w/his harmonies, lyrics, delivery, style… i finally sang a part of the song on a date and my date said “girl, thats remy shand”lol. I was so giddy. I ran out, baught it. When i saw it i knew! And im listenin to it now and reminiscing. I miss remy.come back!!!

  4. I’ve been scrounging the internet for this guy, and it’s yielding NOTHING. I hate when a good talent shows up (Remy Shand, Glenn Lewis, Maxwell) and is gone within a blink of the eye.

  5. Remy needs to put out another album. Did any of you hear that new track that he was working on called “Day in the Shade”? It sounded sweet! What a shame. Any new news?

  6. They play his songs on the radio here in Winnipeg yet never say anything about what he’s doing currently. He’s related to my aunt actually and she doesn’t know anything. It’s very strange. Usually somebody who wins awards and is on late night talk shows (I can remember him on Conan), is written about somewhere on the internet! I’m surprised there isn’t even a “hi, I’m taking a break from music” or something on his site. I honestly think this is the first time I’ve seen a musician or actor just disappear. And with the Internet, I never thought that was possible!

  7. I actually had brief contact with him on myspace and from what i gathered he was going through some hard times. Dont know details but thats what he wrote to me. I never heard from him again. Sad!!!

  8. Thanks to all of you….I was wondering and I asked myself all the same questions as all of you.

    Someone with such a sensitivity as Remy, who BTW gave us a huge masterpiece with his only official album, may not have been strong enough to cope with stardom? Keeps me thinking but one way or the other, Nikki’s comment (the last one) seems to be the most possible.

    Personnal problems or not, REMY, if you read this, we are with you and hope to hear from you soon! Take good care of yourself and KNOW THAT YOU ARE SO MUCH TO A LOT OF PEOPLE.



  9. Howdy,

    I updated his wikipedia page recently to reflect that his Canadian site is down now, sadly. His US motown site is still running though.

    He had a single out on Raphsody a few years ago, and now I wish I had paid to down load it, it’s the only single that wasn’t on his album.

    He sounds in some ways like Jason Kay, from Jamiroquai, who I am also a big fan of. Remy really seemed to pour his soul into his music. I got the idea that maybe he was in a happy place for a while after the first album, and didn’t have anything to really write about now. Who knows with what he’s dealing with now how things will turn out.

    But I wanted to say that I miss him too. It’s hard to enjoy music when so much stuff out there doesn’t sound half as good as what he was able to do.

  10. Count me amongst all the Remy Shand fans out there. Too true, in this Internet era there is nary a trace of this man to be found. His album was a masterpiece, I listen to it to this day. All we can do is trust that he is alive and well and living his life as he sees fit. It will be our privilege should he ever reemerge and put forth another work of art.

  11. I want to know where he went also, as a matter of fact, I’m listening to him while I’m working, he is one of the best, wherever he disappear to . His creativity and lyrics are unique observation about love in a whole different horizon. His album represents the stages of the ups/downs of love, lost love, to resolution of self, to moving on. I know one thing if he is making a new ablum, I will be the frist one in line

  12. I too have been wondering where he went. I still play his CD all the time and it’s on my ipod as well.

    Maybe TMZ can find something out. Think I’ll drop them a line, their always doing the “Remember this person” segments.

  13. Oh Remy where ar thou! I just started listening to you again after a couple of years and wondered why I ever stopped. What a joy listening to you-wish I could get more of your songs. Please resurface and give us more listening pleasure.

  14. Hi everyone, we are all wondering and thinking the same thing. WHERE IS REMY?? i promise you all, i will find him. I’m in the industry and someone very close to him needs him badly. i will let you all know of his whereabouts if and when i do find Remy and if he wants people to know. Thank you all for your kind support and words.

  15. The Best debut I’d heard in years. Then he vanishes. Its amazing we know every bit of dirt about these psuedo personalities and a real talent drops off
    the face of the earth and nobody has a clue.

    He felt the music in his soul. No wanna be poser. A true soul man. We love ya dude.


  16. I am wondering as well where this guy is. If I had the $$$ I would do what ever had to be done to help him make a new album

  17. Another voice chiming in….listening as we speak….great, soulful music….Remy come back & sing another day…..

  18. A deeply soulful, unforgettable groove.
    Remy is a supreme talent, sadly missing from today’s music world.

    Remy Shand your fans miss you.

  19. Just to add my little voice to the crowd – I WANT REMY BACK!
    One of the most ever played albums in my rack…. Where are you, Remy?

    Give your followership a sign 🙂

    Greets, Stefan

  20. WOW….this is so up to date its crazy to see people still looking for him it just shows how he was not marketed well. If ITUNES was what it is today in 2001/2002 im sure he would have made a bigger splash! anyways there was a second album he was working on something like “day in the shade” but then the remyshand.ca website was no longer available and no further updates what a shame!

  21. Remy. I too am hoping that all is well. Really have enjoyed your music since your debut album. Would love to hear more!

  22. How odd to see this site and so many recent posts about Remy Shand. I was thinking about his album the other day and how I listened to it all the time, and still do.

    There are so many talentless idiots in the news who are famous, and too many gifted people like Remy Shand who, for whatever reasons, disappear.

    I’ve searched all over the internet and other sources for info on Shand – but there’s nothing. He’s managed to completely disappear it seems. Now HERE is a story to be made into a movie (let’s hope it has a happy ending).

    If you are reading this, Mr. Shand, there are many of us out here who wish you the best – wherever you are, bring us your music once again.

  23. I live in the NY/NJ area and KISS FM, the local R&B station, is playing a segment of blue-eyed soul artists. Just now, they played “Take A Message” as a tribute to him and the DJ mentioned that he gave us some great songs then left us hanging.

    I have to mention that the first time I ever heard him was in a movie theater! You know when you get there early and they have a slide show presentation with some music playing in the background? I fell in love with his song, “The Way I Feel” and had to have it. It was months later because the CD hadn’t come out that I found him! Great sound!

    Add me to the list of fans that would love to hear more from him. Incidentally, I’m no youngster like many of his fans, I’m 53. Good music knows no age limit!


  24. I am listening to his album right now! Yes it is true that he has not been around lately. I saw him back in 2004 when he toured in SD with his Wife Maiko Watson (of the group Sugar Jones). He had a myspace and so did she. They are no longer together. I dont know exactly when they got divorced. But I think it broke him (she is the girl of interest in all the videos he made).

    He was not marketed well and last I heard he was pittling around California playing divey clubs in places like Irvine. I dont have any other information other than that. I am a LOYAL fan, I got to meet him and his former wife and pick his brain a bit. He is so smart and funny and sweet we took pictures and had laughs. He invited me to one of his next shows in Irvine but I never heard from him since. I know that he and his former wife started a record label (I was hoping to be considered for it!) but I am sure that has gone under.

    *I remember a man saying at his concert that this was the last time we would get to see him so intimately because he would be so big 😦 it makes me sad to recall his words.

    Lets put it this way: Remy doesnt have an eating disorder or is hooked on drugs and his name can’t be shortened to a banal quick reference buzz word like ‘LiLo or Brangelina’ so he is of no use to those exploitive hollywood reptiles.

    Hope this helps!!

    REMY’S S MUSIC is truly special to many. u r missed greatly!

  26. wowzers i am kinda glad i found this website. (although it doesnt shed a great deal of light on where Remy is) but I thought that he was an underrated artist that people slept on. i get SUPER excited when someone else has heard of his music..a great talent and i hope he returns!

  27. What if he died?

    You know.. I think that someone so great doesn’t disappear in the blink of an eye.. It’s really difficult for me thinkin’ that someone that choose to produce such a masterpiece selling over 500000 cds is that kind of man that’s in search for a life in Tibet or somethin like that.. He choose to sign for the MOTOWN, he choose to appear on MTV, he choose to sell a lot of great music… It’s not obvious to disappear in this way.. No… I think that something bad happened.

  28. If what was said about his personal life is true (divorce), then he may need space. The Remy I knew loved hard! ‘Take A Message’ is proof of that!

    Anyway, if you’re reading this Remy, you and your music are important to many people. Don’t stop doing what you do! You’re good at it, because you’re honest, always have been!

    And those of us who loved you before all that love you today!

    Take care.

  29. I chatted with his ex-wife a couple of years ago through Myspace. She is also a recording artist. She actually has a really good sound as well.

    She said that he had stopped writing music to focus on their marriage. They have since seperated. She said that she hasn’t heard from him either (can’t remember if she said years or months) and called him a talented and promising artist and that she hopes he drops another album.

    I’m a huge fan and I’m waiting for him to resurface with a smash hit album. There isn’t an artist as talented as Remy in any genre.

  30. One more person looking for Remy – yeah, great music. Was going to do some Internet research of my own, but it looks like you guys are keeping a look out.

    BTW, don’t click the link above – it forwards to a porn site with popups about viruses, etc.

  31. A bit of digging on google leads to Manitoba court records in the names of Remy and his wife Maiko: http://tinyurl.com/5y8eys

    Looks like the poor guy has been stuck in divorce court for the past few years – but at least he’s still alive! Here’s hoping he can at least get back into a reasonable life…

    1. If that’s really you, the world needs a new record from you dude…looks like the case is finally wrapped up so I hope that means something’s coming soon. It’s been almost 8 years since The Way I Feel dropped and the internet is still full of people saying “WHERE IS REMY SHAND”…drop something cryptic on myspace or youtube to give people something to chew on, put a couple tracks online, then come back full force with an LP. Obviously it’s easier said than done so forgive me for being some jackass on the internet telling you what to do…I just want more of your music that’s all!

  32. Looks like that comment was left by Remy himself? I went to the link but it doesn’t really say much. I had actually sent a message a few months ago to his wife , Maiko on myspace as well. She said that she was no longer in contact with him but that he was most likely still making music and she wished him well. I’ve gone through something close to a divorce and I know that it’s never easy on either person….

    Hopefully they will resolve their issues soon and start giving the world more of that beautiful music! (Maiko is also a talented musician and is working on an album of her own) Take care Remy.

  33. (this is from the link SugarBones posted)

    File Details

    (FD06-01-79576 WATSON, MAIKO L. N. vs SHAND, REMY D.)

    Documents Filed (FD06-01-79576)

    Doc # Reg Date Court Location Document Notes
    2 03-Mar-2006 Winnipeg-QB CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE 12JUL2001 TORONTO ON
    4 19-Jun-2006 Winnipeg-QB REQUISITION CC SET FOR 28JUNE2006 AT 3:00
    5 22-Jun-2006 Winnipeg-QB REQUEST FOR ADJOURNMENT (GRANTED) CC ADJ FROM 28JUN2006 TO 05SEP2006 @11:00
    6 22-Jun-2006 Winnipeg-QB REQUISITION TO SET DOWN CC 05SEP2006 @10:00
    7 28-Jul-2006 Winnipeg-QB ANSWER
    8 28-Aug-2006 Winnipeg-QB CASE INFO STATEMENT (CASE MGMT) (FD) (B-FILE) OF PET, 28AUG2006
    12 19-Feb-2007 Winnipeg-QB REQUISITION TO SET DOWN CC 13APR2007 @11:00
    13 11-Apr-2007 Winnipeg-QB CASE INFO STATEMENT (CASE MGMT) (FD) (B-FILE) OF RESP. 13APR2007@11:00 SUPPLEMENTAL
    20 27-Feb-2008 Winnipeg-QB REQUISITION CC SET FOR 22APRIL2008 AT 10:00
    21 07-Mar-2008 Winnipeg-QB REQUISITION CC SET 22APR2008 ADJ TO 30MAY2008 @10:00
    23 28-May-2008 Winnipeg-QB CASE INFO STATEMENT (CASE MGMT) (FD) (B-FILE) OF RESP.
    25 19-Nov-2008 Winnipeg-QB SUMMARY OF ASSETS AND DEBTS BY PET

    Parties (FD06-01-79576)

    Party ID Party Name Lawyer

    Full Title of Proceedings (FD06-01-79576)


    Court Hearings (FD06-01-79576)

    Court Hearings not found

    Related Files (FD06-01-79576)

    Related Files not found

  34. My husband and I have went through the best and worst listening to Remy’s music.. we still have the original CD we bought and also have a back up on our X-Box. We still love and listen to his TRUE music and I too LOVE him and miss his wonderful sounds… I hope you are well Remy.

  35. Well, the last document filed in the case was in November of 2008, which means at least Remy is still alive.

    *breathes sigh of relief*

    However, it looks like he’s going through one hell of a divorce. Poor guy.

    Remy — if you’re reading this, your album is one of my all-time favorites; a truly extraordinary piece of art. We miss you.

  36. I have faith that he’ll re-surface one day. I also support the idea that he is a little bit of a perfectionist (hence why his debut was a freakin masterpiece) and could have tossed his first two completions of A Day In The Shade in the trash. Kind of Ray Bradbury-esque behavior. Plus, his debut took 4 years to complete. It’s only 2009. This, along with his horrendous divorce from Maiko, and the album he was helping her produce is probably why we haven’t heard from him in a while. He’s clearly going through some turbulence, and until this all blows over with time, we will probably still be left to wonder. Glad to see this blogspot staying healthy. Cheers Remy, we love you man. Can’t wait for the next gem.

  37. remy pick yourself,,dust off and lets make a new record.i got a lotta of rydim and soul as well.much love and respect to you.you are one hell of and artist.—–ras-rich

  38. I remember hearing Remy when I was in high school and I loved his album. I just thought of him today, and realized I hadn’t heard anything about him since his first album. You make great music and I hope you make a return and show the world how great you really are.

  39. Nice thoughts and whises in this site! Hope Remy could get to read all this words that come from hearts really inspired by his unique talent.

    Come on Remy, stand up, release that gift you´ve been given and shine!

    Hi´s from Spain!

  40. Welcome to the dark underbelly of the “big label” music business. They’re better at keeping big secrets than the friggin’ CIA.

    The kid’s been battling a divorce from Maiko Watson (she don’t need her Sugar Daddy no more now that the contract is up), and I suspect something happened with the contract itself and management.

    And I’m sure some psych problems can also be blamed for his disappearance. Not the kind of thing an artist brags about in their personal blog.

    If you’re around Winnipeg, watch for the big wooly hat behind the wheel of a late 80s black and beat up Chevy Caprice. Try flagging him down and ask him what’s up – TS

  41. Here’s some update from Manitoba court website:

    Hopefully it would be over soon and we will hear more tunez from you, Remy!

    Court Hearings (FD06-01-79576)

    Court Date Court Time Status Hearing Type Notes

    1. Divorce has been finalised according to the court documents in August 2009. If I was Remy going through all that stuff and dividing up profits/superannuation, etc. then you wouldn’t put any more albums out until it was all finished.

      1. I’ve been following that divorce situation on that court site as well, and it’s amazing how long it’s gone on for. It’s unfortunate how things turned out.

        It will be interesting to see what he’ll return with as I’m sure he’s grown musically in seven years. I saw him live twice back in 2002. The man can play for sure.

  42. Very excited to find this blog and the comments. I am a musician (bass player) and EVERY musician I have introduced to Remy’s album has fallin in love with his music. I remember seeing him here in the D at St. Andrews back in 2002, great show, he is seriously even better live if you can imagine that…place was packed and after, he met some fans and Remy was very down to Earth and humble…listen to his album and you know it was life events that he went through that made it the great piece of art that it is, so from what I am reading, I am confident he will use this latest life event with his divorce to go back to music…from what I have gone through personally, I can tell you that music is the best therapy…whether playing or listening…music is the best medicine.

    All the best to you Remy, you have touched the masses and we wish you well!

  43. It’s over a year since anybody posted here, and I just got around to checking out this guy whose cd I’ve been loving for a few years.
    I don’t know if you folks are still waiting for Remy’s return, but I’m just getting started. His cd is in my all-time-favorite file, so I’m not giving up real soon.
    If it’s life experiences that went into the soulful beauty of The Way I Feel, it took Remy twenty some years of living to come up with that album. It’s only been nine years since then, so maybe it’s gonna be a while til another gem flows out.
    I just read something about his first cd that makes it even more amazing — he played all the instruments on it.
    One thing we don’t have to wonder about–wherever that first album came from, there’s more in there. No doubt about that.

  44. He went through a messy divorce a few years back, and was said to be suffering from depression. He was finally getting back to making music last year, but then his mother died. According to family it hurt him so much that he didn’t even attend the funeral. Lets just hope this man can catch a break and get back to making amazing music in the near future.

  45. Remy,

    I got introduced to his music in 2002 by my ex I met when I came back from Germany. I was blown away. It’s very rare that someone with so much talent produced so powerful, incredible, and emotional in a debut album. Simply amazing. Every time I play it, it takes me to an amazing roller coaster ride of joy, sadness, desire, and serenity. Remy, what ever you’re going through, your music will find the key to your happiness just as it has for so many people. Just believe in it and realize that we want to share your heart, pain, and joy in your music. So please come back and share with us again.

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